March 30, 2008

You now when you've been coding too much when

you instinctively end your sentences with semicolons;

March 29, 2008


The title says it all. Not only has my schoolwork increased as of late - but I've been testing the barriers of my iPod selling capacity. I realized I could increase efficiency for the entire future by dedicating more now - so I bought a barcode scanner and went on a mad coding spree to design a rudimentary online order status system. It is now at the point where the hardest thing is creating the listings.
I am especially happy with my order processing workflow:

  1. Activate order print script, loading appropriate printer media as directed.
  2. Print all packing slips.
  3. Print all shipping labels (with internal barcode schema).
  4. Print all delivery confirmation slips.
  5. Put packing slip in appropriate box.
  6. Affix shipping label and delivery confirmation.
  7. Barcode scan each package.
  8. Seal packages.
Not only is this easier for me - I expect my already high customer satisfaction to go through the roof.

March 20, 2008

Dancing on the Ceiling

Boy am I glad to be back in Pittsburgh. I love you family, but I like my shower's water pressure, and my bed - and what I do here.
Oooh, if all goes according to plan, I'll become an eBay PowerSeller at the end of the month. This will be around the same time I upgrade to a new system (designed by yours truly) with nice online order status and barcode scanning fun!
And congrats again, Aunt Caro and Uncle Gordon Linn! Your wedding was awesome - can someone send me pictures?
Last off, I have a new initiative for you all to start. I have this pet peeve where I want to cross the street at an intersection to which I have a green. Looking around, I see none of the queued cars going in my direction will be turning. But, low and behold, when I am crossing, one of said queued cars decides to turn through my crosswalk sans turn signal - wanting to running me over. So here is what I've been doing about it, and what I want all of you to do:

  1. Stop in the crosswalk.
  2. Face driver of offending vehicle.
  3. Wear animated expression of annoyance and righteous indignation.
  4. Hold hands in fists approximately waist height, one foot in front of you, and shoulder's width apart.
  5. Open and close the approppriate hand in a "blinking" motion.
  6. FOR BONUS POINTS*: Don't move until the approppriate turn signal is activated.
  7. Go along your merry way, delighting in the fact you have educated another person as to the use of a turn signal (or at least obtained retribution).
* Points awarded are only redeemable in the Game of Life (not the board game, but the real one).

March 6, 2008


I've been feeling hoity-toity of late. My CMU mean plan includes a breakfast. And on that breakfast I can get (and it's just soooo good) a mocha latte (or hot cocoa if I'm awake already), a croissant, and an orange sanpellegrino. Things I would never shell out to get but for a mandatory meal plan.
I also take naps on hundreds of dollars worth of iPods. Because I am the only operator of my iPod business, I find I have to courier iPods with me whenever I go home so that I can fulfill orders. I don't trust the TSA, so they end up packed in a small carry-on bag (you should see the faces of the scanning people when it goes through). I have used this bag as a pillow at least once - it's a bit boxy, but it does the trick.
In other news, I went skiing Tuesday. It was a bit slushy in places, but the mountain was empty - very nice indeed. I took the time to get proficient at skiing backwards. w00t!

March 5, 2008

Quick Pics

Here's to never needing to buy chocolate again! MMMMMmmmmmm.....
In other news, I got more poster tack, so I have covered another bit of my walls with poetry.

March 1, 2008


So you know the Chance cards in Monopoly? How about the one that says a bank error in your favor earns you money? Well I kinda feel like that. I checked the formulas I was using to calculate fees when selling on eBay. Turns out the formula was resulting in higher than actual numbers, so there was an extra bunch of dough I didn't know about! It's not like I actually have any more money, but I do like the numbers more. (That's what I get for trusting formulas I find online!)
What else? The Piano Lesson is in its last show as I type this. I've grown a tad fond of it (but still will be glad to get my life back).
I had this truly immense craving for chocolate this past week, so I went on Amazon and found a great deal. But I had to buy quite a bit to take advantage of it. How long do you think 199oz of assorted chocolate will last?
I've also been offered a great position at my swim club this summer - Snack Shack Manager!