May 13, 2008

Must Do...

So I'm back in Cherry Hill after my first year of college. And I am not liking it. Of course there's things like hanging with old friends, not doing any work, and better food. And yeah, I definitely need some down-time because of finals. But college life if so much better (and I'm not even that kind of crazy).
I miss my apartment: the food was my own, I had it all to myself, and I could do as I wanted. I miss being able to walk just a couple of feet in order to hang out (instead of having to drive somewhere), and the fact that there were so many bright people all around me. I miss the intellectual challenges (well, the fun ones anyway).
Hopefully this feeling will subside when summer really kicks into gear. Like when I start work (though that will leave just that much time less for friends - all of whom have their own jobs).