November 30, 2007

Loving Life, Murder in Shirley(!), and More

I know I'm not truly self-sufficient, nor am I a great cook. But when you eat a meal that you just made, which you got yourself, and paid for with your own money, it tastes, and feels, damn good (even if it's just a salad).
So I'm sick, and I never knew how expensive meds can be! Uncool.
Guys and Dolls is being performed by CMU, and Joe I. gets a couple of free tickets. We went and it was pretty good. I've always loved the song "Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat", but I've never seen the whole show.
Murder in Shirley! (It's a game.) I tried out this social experiment yesterday where I essentially released a serial killer in my dorm (just read the rules). It was supposed to last for days - but ended within several hours. Arg. Humans! At least I had a really good turnout (18+ players out of ~40 residents). This time around we've fixed some rules, and the Murderer seems to be laying low (no kills yet).
So I've been told that I'm a pretty skinny guy, which I usually take to be a good thing (it's not like I have an eating disorder - though my mother might disagree). But I had the strangest conversation. I was taking with a group of female homo sapiens, and it went something like this...
They're talking about guys - and their weights.
One says she doesn't like thin guys.
I ask why not.
Her answer was something like, "If you're going out with a skinny guy, and he's thinner than you..."
The conversation died there. So correct me if I'm drawing the wrong conclusion, but girls can be too jealous to like me? That's a hoot.

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shira said...

hahaha oh man, that last part about girls is extremely funny. though i may disagree, i still think it's hilarious. also, it's too bad romeo and juliet didn't believe in reincarnation/2nd chances cuz your analogy no longer fits :) :)