November 12, 2007

Funny things profs say and do...

So here are some fun things my professors have said:
After one calc lecture: "I just wrote about a thousand sec(x)'s and I am proud to say I think I only wrote sex once."
One the first day of my Principles of Computation class: "Does anyone here have a physical disability? Football players?" (Just didn't segue well, but I found it hilarious.)
Same class, a month later, we were learning about binary trees (data trees which can only have two children per node) and I would have sworn the prof was talking about the "right children and love children" of each node. Though I'm sure he must have been saying "left children."
Professor Rouse (from my marxist World Hist lecture) has a penchant for playing Monty Python clips. But one day he decided to act himself. He pulls up five of us and uses cookies and teddy bears to demonstrate communal communities. Then, donning a Burger King crown and a plastic sword, he climbed his desk and took over the communists as an invading monarch. Someone even got video:

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