November 25, 2007

So how many libraries does your college have? (Update 1x)

One of the great things about having a really low readership is that you can lampoon people - and they won't even know it. (Hence this inside joke of a title.) Those on the inside may appreciate my first typoed title, "So how many colleges does your library have?". I think this question is just as pertinent. 

On a related note, these past days at home have been awesome. I have loved spending time with my Cherry Hill friends and family. But I can't help but hate it. Every time I have to wrench myself away from them sucks* in the extreme. Can I still measure the time I'll spend with these people in years? Or even months? Is it down to days or hours left in my life where I will actually be with these people? OK, time to deny...
Hey, I also heard a terrible rumor concerning my favorite pair of star-crossed lovers. Anyone able to give ma a factual status update?

Update: Aack - tis true :(
* I try not to curse on The Blog. So when I do, I mean it.

1 comment:

shira said...

oy chris, i miss you
i love your blog but you shouldn't be so depressing about our time together.
and umm, i may be able to give you an update depending on who you are talking about. i have a hunch. we should talk.