September 30, 2007


So I went to a frat party tonight. And the round trip was less than an hour. Here's the story . . . (for the record, I did not drink)

So I heard about this 80's dance party at one of the frats tonight, and, being an 80's maniac, I decided to go. And I ended up going alone - dressed to pop. This, as a non-pledge/member male, usually wouldn't work. But I am a wily sort of person, and managed to get in right away (I ran into a female acquaintance of mine along the way who was invited, and got me around the males waiting outside).
So the first thing I noticed was that everything was white. Then I noticed it was sweltering hot. And then I noticed it was really loud. After that I realized that my glasses had fogged. As soon as I wiped then off I regretted it - I could tell that the floor was covered in a not-so-fine layer of beverage (you know the kind), sweat, dirt, and . . . I don't want to think what else. 
To make a long story short - I tore it up. There were 3, maybe 4, of us secure enough to do more than that modern bounce and grind stuff. A short while later I was covered in sweat (as was everyone else - ugh) and, I'm pretty sure, in the beginning stages of heat stroke (the nature of these parties demands zero ventilation). So I busted out of there, made it to the cool air outdoors, and headed home in just my A-shirt. 
If I can't enjoy a frat party with good music, I can't enjoy a frat party at all (since the other attractions don't entice me). The end. 

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