October 10, 2007

Catch Up

So I haven't posted in a while. But I've been busy.
On Sunday I began work on a TV sitcom pilot. Some grad students have connections, so they're making a pilot to pitch to some studio(s). It's essentially a based-on-real-life college student comedy. For the time being I'm figuring out how things are going, so I don't have much to do outside of waving people away from our shoot. But I'll try to move up. 
I got started in it cause I'm a part of cmuTV (our campus TV group). I haven't really done anything for air yet, but I have been redesigning the website.
On a different note, my sister's birthday was Monday. So Happy 16th Kate!
Speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up in 15 days. I know what you're thinking; "What can I get this guy that will show that I care?" Well, if you do care, send me monetary contribution. And the next time I go grocery shopping, or get a haircut (I really need a haircut), or get new shoes (I'm contemplating these), I will think of you.
Oh, and I just got email indicating my heating will be turned on soon!

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