September 23, 2007

The Eye of Zeus

Erik D'Esterre and I started writing a short play last spring, but then we both got busy with other things (One-Acts I'd guess). Now I'm back on it, cause I needed to let my creative juices flow into something other than poetry. I've finished it - well, all the dialog that is. It still needs more scene setup, etc. (Oh, and at some point I turned it into a screenplay in my mind - still adaptable to stage though). 

So take a look at The Eye of Zeus. And don't forget to leave a comment - especially if it is negative (this is the constructive criticism phase).

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Lisa said...

David used my computer to send you a comment. He obviously failed to read the line about Robber #3's multiple fake Eye's. He says to tell you he's sorry.

From me;
I like the first ending better, It has more of a sense of irony.