September 4, 2007

Money Stuff

So it seems a flight home will cost me $400+ for Thanksgiving. Harumph. Train it is then. 

But on the brighter side it seems that because I live in housing off-campus, I qualify to switch to the Commuter meal plan. As a freshman I have to have a CMU dining plan. Right now I'm paying $3997 for the year to get 22 "block" meals at on-campus dining plus $78 for non-meal food purchases (this is every two weeks). The Commuter plan is only $1600 for the year, and I'd get 12 meal and $8 every two weeks. With what I have now I feel I have to "burn blocks" so that my money isn't wasted. The other way, I'd get to pay cash more often for my meals - which won't make me feel obligated to eat when I am not hungary. (Parents, chime in now.)
Also, as of this posting I am up around $210 in AAPL (Apple Inc. stock - I have 15, and it has gone up >$5 just today). Hopefully, This will go even higher after Apple's music event tomorrow.

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