December 12, 2007

Fun Finance & "Want" Existentialism

I really enjoy playing with money (that which I have), and this yields to some excellent diversification. I have a savings account, a checking account, a brokerage account (with various holdings), 2 CDs, an IRA (which is itself composed of many things), a PayPal account (which I turned into a money market fund), and various plastic. My latest fun is a blossoming refurb iPod resell-ship. 
I've found I really enjoy working this - the problems especially. Streamlining inventory workflows, dealing with the oddities of customers and suppliers. It is so much fun. I had to call up Apple because they shipped me the wrong thing. I wasn't even angry (a little annoyed, but not much). I was enjoying doing. Walking around my room, waiving gesturing wildly as I try to explain the situation to an sales rep - it's great.
Oh, and that Apple error has left me with a free Orange iPod Shuffle.
Now on to the existential.
So lately I've been toying with this theory: Everything one ever does is what one wants. That's not to say one does everything they want, just that every choice to every decision ever made has been the most desired choice. Even in the classic case of gun-to-the-head, the choice made between follow orders and live or disobey and die has been the choice most wanted. Think about it.

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