December 11, 2007


Do you ever wake up, or look at something, and suddenly you have a flashback? This morning I woke up and reminisced on the horrors of Power Pete (aka Mighty Mike). David will remember what I'm talking about.
And today I noticed one of my socks had grey stains on it. And It totally took me back to my tree, and Giant (F*ing) Panda Mountain.
Well, that's my journal-esque entry for today.
In other news, the CMU printing website now cites my work!


Joe said...

you mean to say that you noticed the gray sock stain, and were taken back by the beauty and wonderment what was Pandamonium mountain/cave/monster, and your day was undoubtedly better thanks to the pleasant flashback.

Kate said...

I remember Power Pete, too!

dave (your brother) said...

YaY Power Pete! Those weird creatures still give me nightmares... Killer candy creatures... Wacky witches... FUN