October 24, 2007

T-Minus 1 Day to B-Day

Anyone who has spent time with my father knows he has these weird shakes in his hands whenever he tries to hold something (apparently from ODing on caffeine in college). I'm here today to tell you that this may be hereditary! All this time I've poke fun at him - and now I've got it.
I also had another 7:30 AM calc exam today. This = no fun. Especially when, with 15 minutes of exam time left, you're told that the problem you have been slaving over is being changed because it is impossible as-is.
In other news, it seems the poor lad pictured is being slowly eaten - head first - by a bean bag chair in Wean hall. Further investigation reveals that it is a Google branded bean bag. Perhaps this is the beginning of Google's attempt to index people, as well as everything else in the universe.
One last thing - go to The Vote here at shullian.com. Cast yours and tell everyone you know to do likewise. (Note, if you already voted as "other" then vote again - I had to remove that option.) The Vote is the result of a couple of conversations I've been in that have concluded that we can no longer rely on the US government to work for the people. That's the central US government - the executive, legislative, and judicial branches housed in Washington, DC. My opinion: there is just to much self-interest, corruption, and plain old stupidity (oh, and religion) in our nation's capital for things to work out.

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